About Us

We shape ideas

Bring spaces to life

Buzzoni was born in 1981 and for more than 30 years the same essence and values have driven the team, a team who keeps growing and works with passion and creativity to assist our Client to reach together ambitious and prestigious objectives.
The company follows the technical development, the production and the installation of bespoke furniture for the most important brands of fashion, ensuring that taste, excellence and care to detail which are the most distinguishing elements of Italian craftsmanship.
Experience, dynamism and inclination to research and innovations are some of the most standing out traits which push us beyond new challenges: this has allowed us to weave the pattern of a dense know how which keeps evolving.
For all these reasons many brands and architects have chosen Buzzoni to create their works all around the world.
With passion we shape ideas, creating precious twines that bring to life superior elements.
We keep the productive process internal, from the drawing to the installation, granting quality and time optimization.